Scott County gives $2,000 to Spearhead Trails for Devil’s Bathtub road repairs

Holly Viers • Dec 14, 2018 at 11:07 AM

GATE CITY — Some much needed road repairs should soon be made at one of Scott County’s most popular attractions.

During this month’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the BOS voted to partially fund a road repair project at the Devil’s Bathtub. The work will be completed by Spearhead Trails, an initiative of the Southwest Regional Recreation Authority.

“That road, if you’ve been there lately, is really, really bad,” said County Administrator Freda Starnes, “even for a four-wheel drive vehicle.”

About the repairs

The repairs would take place at the entrance to the Devil’s Bathtub, Starnes said, and the cost for the materials is $3,190. This includes $340 for 10 rolls of silt fence, $500 for 50 straw bales, $150 for winter rye for soil stabilization and $2,200 for 100 tons of crushed stone.

Starnes said the repairs would involve bringing in 1,000 linear feet of silt fencing and straw bales for stabilization and covering of the winter rye seeding. Workers would completely reshape the roadbed, re-establish the ditch line and construct proper inlet and outlet drainage controls for the culverts.

“The anticipated duration of the road repair would be seven construction days on the ground,” Starnes said, “and they would utilize two equipment operators and two to three laborers for the duration of the project.”

Starnes added that Spearhead Trails estimates it could complete the project within the next month. The organization requested that the county cover any or all of the cost for the materials, she said.

“We’re working with several funding agencies that have grants in that area to do things, but this particular section of the road is not one that is covered by that,” Starnes said. “If we could get this repaired and in good shape, once other things progress in that area, we could bar that off, and that could be a Forest Service and emergency vehicle entrance route if we have an emergency at the Bathtub.”

The BOS’s stance

Supervisor Jack Compton voiced his support for the repairs, adding that Spearhead Trails is helping to boost tourism in the region. Supervisor Danny Mann agreed that the repairs are much needed and suggested the BOS fund $2,000 of the materials cost, which was unanimously approved.

“The Devil’s Bathtub is not going to go away; we all know that,” Mann said. “The road going in there, if you’ve been up there, it’s horrible. This work will be an improvement, without a doubt.”

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