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Standard-Examiner names new executive editor to lead newsroom

Friday , July 27, 2018 - 5:15 AM

OGDEN — Jordan Carroll has been named the new executive editor at the Standard-Examiner.

The Texas native is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has spent the past half-dozen years working at the Daily Herald in Utah County. She has been overseeing that newsroom for the last three years.

Publisher Rhett Long said Carroll will now have oversight over both the Ogden and Provo newspapers. He said Carroll is passionate about local content, and that she has a desire to create quality content for both digital and print.

“She enjoys creating new products that benefit the community and fill niches, he said. “She’s a teacher, a mentor, walks on water, jumps buildings and stops bullets.”

As executive editor, Carroll will be responsible for the daily operations of the Standard-Examiner’s newsroom. Long believes his new hire will inspire the newspaper’s journalists to new heights.

“She’s young in age, but really old in wisdom, and that’s one of the first things I found out about her,” Long said. “She’s a joy to be around, she pushes me, and she makes me rethink things. And I appreciate that she will challenge me on the tough decisions.”

Born and raised in the Dallas area, Carroll latched onto a love of newspapers and newsprint from a very young age.

“My family lives in a small town in Texas — they have a community newspaper there that only delivers twice a week,” she said. “As I grew up, my grandparents had the newspaper on the kitchen table every morning, and we’d scan it.”

As a 5-year-old Carroll would glue together pages from her father’s leftover work papers to create books.

“I always wanted to be a writer in whatever form that took,” she said.

Carroll said she has a deep passion for community journalism. While national news has its place, she says local news is what’s nearest and dearest to readers in the community.

Carroll believes her greatest strength is that she’s a good listener, and she said communities usually aren’t shy about asking for what they need — “whether that’s more or less of something.”

“Hopefully, we’re already supplying most of what readers want, but if not, I want to know,” she said.

Carroll acknowledges that it’s been a “bumpy” transition with the purchase two months ago of the Standard-Examiner by Ogden Newspapers Inc., out of Wheeling, West Virginia. She asks readers for a little patience.

“I would hope that, although they might not be able to see it yet, there will be noticeable changes in the future — ones that our readers are really going to enjoy,” she said. “There will be new things that they’ll consider assets to themselves and the community, and I hope they’ll be patient with us as we try to take in all the feedback that we continue to get and make those changes.”

In her spare time, Carroll says she enjoys hiking and always welcomes local suggestions of places to go — as well as the best local restaurants to try.

“Hiking and food are the big ones for me,” she said. “And I really enjoy going to local events, like farmers markets and the theater.”

Carroll is currently living in Orem but will be moving north in the coming months.

She invites readers to contact her at, or in care of the Standard-Examiner, 332 Standard Way, Ogden, UT 84404.

“This company, and the newsroom specifically, has a staff incredibly invested in delivering good stories to the community,” Carroll said. “I’ve been extremely impressed with the level of journalism that is put inside those pages every day, and that’s what drew me here.”

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