Engineer will study options for leaky roof at Church Hill health department

Jeff Bobo • Oct 11, 2019 at 5:30 PM

CHURCH HILL — Earlier this year the Hawkins County Commission replaced the leaking roof at the Hawkins County Health Department’s Rogersville facility, and now it’s the Church Hill facility's turn.

On Wednesday the Hawkins County Commission’s Public Buildings Committee authorized County Buildings Manager Sarah Davis to hire an engineer to study the roof project for the Church Hill Health Department, which is located at 247 Silver Lake Road.

“We've had substantial leaks in the health department roof,” Davis told the committee Wednesday. “We haven't the past month because we haven't had any rain, but you know the rain is going to set-in this spring. As a health facility, with leaky roofs, other problems start to happen. It is my understanding that some folks on the committee would like to put a metal roof on the building instead of the flat membrane.”

Installation of a metal roof has at the Church Hill Health Department has been estimated to cost $43,000, but the county will also have to hire an engineer to determine of the structure can handle the weight of the addition of a gabled roof.

Davis said she believes the Church Hill Health Department building currently has the worst roof among all county facilities, although she said the Justice Center “is right behind it.”

“With the Health Department being a health facility, and seeing patients in there, I think we need to get on that pretty quickly,” Davis told the committee.

The Rogersville Health Department's $185,000 roof was installed this past May, and was paid for with the help of a $52,800 Special Needs Grant from the Tennessee Department of Health, as well as another $26,262 from Health Department savings.

There is money in the budget for the Church Hill roof, but the committee wants to review the engineer’s report before advertising for installation bids.

Jail sewer project bids

The committee also agreed Wednesday to advertise for bids for the Justice Center sewer project to install a screen and catch basin installation project at the jail. That project was mandated by the state after debris flushed down the jail commodes in 2017 created a blockage in the Rogersville sewer system that flooded three nearby businesses.

Dean Helstrom from the engineering firm of Vaughn and Melton told the committee Wednesday that the project will likely cost between $350,000 and $450,000. Helstrom also predicted a completion date of June, 2020. 

Senior Center door installation

The committee heard a report from Davis Wednesday that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) automatic door for the entrance to the Rogersville Senior Center has been custom made and will be installed on Monday, which is Columbus Day, and will be convenient because the Senior Center is closed that day.

The middle doorway will be electronic as well, and the main library entrance on the other end of the building will be left as is. When the new doors are installed the sheriff will be asked to send his inmates to paint the front of the building, excluding the Library's reading room which will be repaired before it is painted.

Moving the county phone servers

The committee also heard a report from Davis that on Monday the telephone server that connects all county offices will be moved from the courthouse the the County Administration Building (Mayor's offices) where a generator is located that will keep the county phone and Internet systems up in the event of an emergency that knocks out power. Also Monday, the county will be switching Internet providers from Charter to HolstonConnects, which Davis said will provide a major cost savings.

Courthouse Elevator repairs

Davis told the committee that the controller for the courthouse annex elevator was being installed this week and wasn't expected to be completed until Friday, during which time the elevator was down. That project was completed from funds left over in last year's budget.