Mount Carmel alderman opts out of committee appointments because he wasn't asked

Jeff Bobo • Apr 3, 2019 at 11:50 AM

MOUNT CARMEL — Alderman Jim Gilliam will be absent from the list of Board of Mayor and Aldermen committees at his own request.

After every BMA election, the mayor revises his list of committee appointments to reflect the new members and any other changes he chooses to make.

Mayor Chris Jones’ committee appointments came up for a BMA vote at Thursday’s monthly meeting, but as City Manager Mike Housewright was reading the Parks Commission appointments, he was interrupted by Gilliam.

Gilliam: “Where’d you get my name at in there? I didn’t tell you I was going to sit on any board.”

Jones: “Do you not want to sit on any boards, Jim?”

Gilliam: “I’ll sit on this (BMA). I’m not sitting on anything outside of here.”

Vice Mayor Jennifer Williams: “Aldermen always serve on different boards.”

Gilliam: “Well, they can do what they want to. I got enough here. I get called enough.”

Jones: (To Housewright) “Just take Mr. Gilliam off any committees he’s assigned to.”

Gilliam: “I’d like to be asked before I’m done.”

The Parks Commission was the only committee that Gilliam was going to be appointed to, except for the Safety Committee, on which every member of the BMA serves. Jones replaced Gilliam with Alderman Carl Wolfe on the Parks Commission.

Other members of the Parks Commission include: Jones, Public Works Director Jason Salyer, Alderman Steven McLain; and citizens Allen Greene, Kathy Baker, Alan Cloyd, Tracy Rafolowski and Kevin Engwiller.

Other committee appointments approved Thursday include:

Beer Board: Jones, Williams, Housewright, the police chief, and citizens Teresa Mawk, Patricia Lumpkins and Bill Wheaton.

Disabled Resident Access Committee: Housewright, Williams, Wolfe, Building Inspector Vince Pishner and citizens Ray Denton and Darby Patrick.

Fire Committee: The police chief (who acts as chairman), Wolfe, Alderman Pat Stilwell, and citizens Carley Bledsoe and David White.

Library Board: Chairman Phillip Holt, Williams and citizens Naomi Mowell, Michelle Cradic Shanks, April Stoval, Crystal Smith and Doug Skeens.

Planning Commission: Chairman Garrett White, Williams, Jones, and citizens Donald Carter, Ken Clark, Gary Edens, Teresa Mawk, Alana Roberts and Jon Willíams.

Public Utility Board: Chairman Steve Epperson, Jones, and citizens Don Taylor, Lawrence Herman and Susie M. Cline.

Mount Carmel Construction Board Adjustment and Appeals: Engineer Matthew Lane, Wolfe and citizens Don Carter, Sue Jarrett, Tim Lingerfelt and Janice Dean.

Human Relations/Title Vl Committee: Housewright, Garrett White, police chief, fire chief, and citizens Steve Epperson, Cindy Lopez and Janice Dean.

Mount Carmel Housing Authority: Citizens Pete Horton, Don Taylor, Doug Ellis, Bill Dean, Mark Skelton; Mayor Jones serves as advisor.

Safety Committee: Same members as BMA as well as the city recorder/manager, court clerk, fire chief, police chief, sewer operator, and Public Works Department head.

Mount Carmel/Church Hill/Surgoinsville Joint Recreation Committee: Mount Carmel is represented by McLain, Johnny Parker and Robert Mawk.


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